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Book "10,000 Laps" a book about kit cars and rally cars

Book "10,000 Laps" a book about kit cars and rally cars

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History of "10,000 Turns"

By David Durán

'10,000 Vueltas' tells the story of the legendary Kit Car competition cars , those rally cars that brought joy and illuminated the national and international scene of the discipline in the nineties. It is written by David Durán, a motor journalist who has been present in all kinds of rallies, from regional ones to twenty World Rally events. He also has experience in national rallies as well as touring and endurance racing .

It is a work that narrates in detail the origin of the category, its evolution and influence both nationally and internationally. It includes a large number of stories from the time as well as technical aspects. It is a small time machine that teleports you to a precious era of motorsports with cars that many long for, a small window to the past that, like many in this life, helps to understand the present.

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